How to get started


Getting started with a Website Builder package is easier than you might think. This 4 step guide describes how it works.

Step 1


Simply fill out our registration form below.

This is designed to give us just enough information about you and your business to open an account for you on our system.

No payment details or payment will change hands at this stage.

Step 2

Talking with us

Once we have your registration form we will get back in touch with you right away to discuss your requirements further and to assign a Sans Frontiere Marketing account manager to your project. After fully gathering your requirements we will pre-authorise your payment or payments schedule.

No payment will be taken at this point.

Step 3

Building your website

We will begin to build your website once we have gathered all the information we need and received your approval. This should take between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the scale of your site. During this period we may be in touch to ask questions and let you know our progress. When your site is finished we will send it to you for final approval.

Step 4

Loving your website

When you give the approval your new website will go live on the domain of your choice. At this time we will send you a login and simple guide to using your CMS.

Your one-off payment will be taken or your payment schedule will begin.

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